My research explores the links between strategy and organization. In particular, I am interested in the interplay between formal aspects of organization design and informal characteristics such as organizational culture, and its implications for collaboration and firm performance in innovation-intensive industries. In my dissertation, I study where strong cultures originate from, their organization design implications for coordination, and whether and how they can be preserved over time. For my empirical analysis I leverage a novel database of over 5 million text reviews posted by employees of about 390,000 firms on the job-search platform I developed an approach which builds on topic modelling, a machine learning algorithm for natural language processing, to measure culture strength based on the distribution of reviews in the space of topics that individuals consider important when writing about their companies on Glassdoor. The three essays of my dissertation build on this data and empirical approach, along with agent-based computational modelling.


  1. Marchetti, A., Puranam, P. “Peering Through the Glass Door: The Cultural Attributes of “Less Hierarchical” Forms of Organization” (copy available upon request).

    • Nominated for Best Conference Paper Prize—SMS Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, 2019


  2. Marchetti, A. “Firms of a Feather Merge Together: The Role of Acquirer-Target Culture Compatibility in Technology Acquisitions” (job market paper).

  3. Marchetti, A., Stern, I. “The Effects of Strategic Human Capital Allocation Decisions on Inventors’ Turnover” (copy available here).

    • Best PhD Proposal Award Winner—7th Israel Strategy Conference, Haifa, 2017

  4. Marchetti, A., Meyer-Doyle, P., Stern, I. “Put a Horse Before the Cart: The Benefits of Hiring Inventors Before Making a Technology Acquisition” (copy available here).

  5. Marchetti, A., Puranam, P. “Interpreting Topic Models: An Algorithmic Approach”.


  6. Cultural Frame Dilution in Post-merger Integration.

  7. Acculturation Dynamics in Technology Acquisitions.

  8. Glassdoor Data To Advance Organizational Culture Studies (with Jennifer Chatman).